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My Fuckin Playlist Of The Moment (November 2011)

Almost like that the month of October.

Bah yeh !!  I have unique and repetitives tastes …

I can not do anything, I’m maniac and obsessive on some points.

Well…  enough blablabla !!!

EYEHATEGOD « In The Name Of Suffering »(grrrarrgh !!)

EYEHATEGOD « Take As Needed For Pain » (that will be forever my favorite album, and since seventeen years!)

THE VINES  » Vision Valley » (by far, their best album to date)

THE VINES « Future Primitive »

AUTECHRE « Anvil Vapre » (I looooove ♥)

• Alixton •



My fuckin’ playlist (of the moment) in disorder

INFERNÖ « Downtown Hades »

THE VINES « Highly Evolved »

WHIPLASH « Power and Pain »

and alcohol (more, more, and more)… let’s go babe !!!

• Alixton •