About Me

Welcome in my lair !

I decided to make this site to be able to share some of my small works.
I do not consider myself an artist. I’m just myself.
I design for … as young as I remember.
I have not done any art school or anything of that style (and I think it show)
I am 100% self-taught.
So you can see here, my works.
I work a lot on the tags and canvas boards,
because they are media that I like.
Thank for passing by.

* * *
From my Twitter profile :

« I am a young woman painter (mixed-media artist) , with a mild Asperger autism in childhood (and even now), and « healed » (calmed and cared) by faith in the Light of heart, and by his own will! »

portrait by Alice L

Specifically, I’m achieved for Asperger’s syndrome.

I have several specific interests, including music, art, the creation of DIY synthesizers, ornithology, nature, animals, and many others, but these are the key…  but do not reduce me just at this (and them) !




4 réflexions sur « About Me »

  1. Hi
    Thank you for following my blog. I think you are an amazing artist -your art is charming, fun with a seriousness underlying your girls. Delightful –

  2. Merci beaucoup pour les commentaires sur mon blog
    Merci égalemet pour les félicitations pour la DT Katzelkraft
    Je viens de visiter , de bien jolies créations également.

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My autistic art by Alixton LGL

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