Here, my new acquisition from art store.

For the uninitiated, I present, the oil paint in stick form!

Oilbar by Alixton Lcc © Copyright / All Right Reserved - 2011

In fact, it’s the oil paint in solid form. It has nothing to do with oil pastels or wax.
When the spreading on a canvas, the result is the same with the paint in tube. And the effect is stunning.
It should, however, for greater fluidity, when spread on the canvas,  to melt the colors, and spread, mixed with a little turpentine, or oil (linseed or poppyseed) .
Drying time is identical to the paint tube more or less. We can of course accelerate over time, with a « medium ».
After, there are tons of possibilities.
I find this system particularly suitable for painters nomadic, or moves much to paint. This avoids having to take all the tubes needed. It’s lighter, yet the same thing!

You will soon see what I did with my Oilbar

• Alixton •


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